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It is proven that virgin extra olive oil reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL), and it increases the good one (HDL). Other types of oil do not reduce the risk of a heart attack and other related heart diseases. The consumption of virgin extra olive oil allows the formation of a cellular membrane with higher defensive capacity to oxidation because of its high content of vitamin E; it helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, cancer, and aging.

Because of the resemblance to maternal milk in terms of fat content; olive oil is the most recommendable in the elaboration of purées and baby food. In addition to this, olive oil stimulates bone growth and favors the absorption of calcium and mineralization of our bones.

In terms of digestion, olive oil slows down the emptying of our stomachs, and that brings as a result a feeling of satisfaction. Besides, olive oil encourages the formation of scar tissue around gastric and duodenum ulcers.

As experts highlight, a last and important recommendation is to include virgin extra olive oil in our breakfast. An Ideal breakfast should include: recently squeezed orange juice, coffee and cream, and a bread toast soaked in virgin extra olive oil.

Keeping the above in mind, La Chinata has developed a range of Gourmet products based on Olive Oil or Olive fruit. Our range of vegetable spreads, like the porcini and truffle, bell pepper and tomato, green and black olive etc. On the other hand we have also developed infused extra virgin olive oil with porcini, lemon, pizza special etc. So the next time you think of health, think of La Chinata.


Acenorca (Aceitunera del Norte de Cáceres) is an olive processing company based in the north of Cáceres, Spain, with a history of more than 20 years packing and marketing table olives and which now also processes them into olive oil. Despite being a young product, the oil is of very high quality and has received an unbeatable welcome on the Spanish and Italian markets.

Comprising 19 local olive cooperatives, Acenorca’s production centre is situated in Montehermoso, where in 2007 its new factory was inaugurated on the back of an investment totalling 18 million euros, with the capacity to process 25 million kilograms of olives.

Thanks to its ISO certification from Bureau Veritas Certification, Acenorca’s customers and the consumers of its products can rest assured that operations at its facilities are performed in accordance with rigorous criteria and standards of Traceability, Food Safety and Quality, always guaranteeing respect for the Environment.

Lachinata Smoked Paprika

The world's first spice with DOC status, from La Vera, Spain. Three different varieties of pimiento are smoked slowly over a low flame to produce a superb, intense flavour. Available in sweet, bittersweet or spicy, in two sizes - 70gm & 500gm. Paprika has many uses from an ingredient in paella, to a rub (try with salt and lemon infused oil), or with roasted root vegetables, mussels, marinades and pastry.


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Ortiz Bonito del Norte tuna filet is the champagne of tunas! Famous for its own distinct flavor: meaty, yet so mild, delicate and buttery. Perhaps best of all is the texture: extraordinarily firm and dense. Each tuna is traditionally hook-and-line fished (thus dolphin safe and environmentally sound) during the summer months in Spain’s Cantabrian Sea off the Bay of Biscay. Unlike any tuna you’ve ever tried before, Bonito del Norte white tuna is cooked and packed in glass jars in olive oil to capture the tuna's freshness and highly prized flavor. Conservas Ortiz, a family enterprise, is currently managed by its fifth generation, bringing together modern techniques with scrupulous respect for tradition.


Andalusian Cooperative Society “La Union “received the award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Jaen to the labor exporter of 2006 thanks to the marketing of its trademark “Unioliva” on four continents. The high quality of new oils obtained from the modern facilities of the cooperative and careful treatment to the fruit is already packaged for all markets where trademarks “Unioliva” and “La Flor de la Loma” are present.

A milestone achieved was the beginning of the marketing of UNIOLIVA in countries like Poland or Russia. With a production of 8.950.000 kg of virgin olive oil from milling about 38.000.000 kg of olives in 2006, Andalusian Cooperative Society “La Union” becomes one more year one of the largest producing companies of Jaén province and can cope next years with great expectations of sale. On April 2006 was approved the regulations of the Designation of Origin "Campiñas of Jaen" and its governing council, this allowed to start with the qualification works of oils. The Designation of Origin “Campiñas de Jaén” covers 6.502 squared kilometres among the counties of Campiña Norte, El Condado, Campiña Sur and, of course, the county of La Loma where the company is based, in the middle of this huge olive tree sea of more than 373.577 hectares at the heart of the province of Jaén.

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